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ISL Payroll

  1. Client Server based Application.
  2. Utilizes Microsoft SQL Server Database Engine.
  3. Password Security Integrate with MS Windows group Policy.
  4. Integrated user Audit Tracking of changes to data.
  5. Manage Multiple Database for multiple Companies.
  6. Fully Networkable, so multi instances can be run at any one time.
  7. Manage an unlimited number of employees.
  8. Maintain Employee Demographics, Salary Information, Allowance and Deductions
  9. Fully integrated NIB calculation and reporting.
  10. Integrated Electronic Payroll processing to Commercial Banks.
  11. Track employee vacation and sick leave.
  12. Uses Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly pay cycles.
  13. Manage Employee Loans.
  14. Unlimited Allowances and Deductions
  15. Electronic Distribution of Pay Statements.
  16. Optonal General Ledger coding to payroll records.
  17. Employee documents tie-in for easy accessiblity.
  18. Fully Customizable to suit your specific organization.

Updates & Events

02.01.2013 - Release of ISL' Payroll v4.2

07.01.2013 - ISL integrates NIB July 1, 2013 Gratutity Amendment into Payroll Application.

05.01.2014 - ISLBankTransfer module integrates CitiBank CitiDirect Electronic Credits Transfer.

10.01.2014 - ISLBankTransfer module integrates National Commercial Bank of Jamaica Electronic Credits Transfer.

07.01.2015 - ISL Payroll, updated with new NIB C10 FOrm A/B/C.

07.01.2016 - FCIB Update to ISL Bank Transfer Available.