ISL Payroll

ISL Payroll was developed to address the needs of Bahamian businesses. Our payroll installation, support and product features exceed that of any other in The Bahamas. ISL Payroll simplifies pay calculations, helps you comply with National Insurance and union reporting and keeps complete and accurate payroll expense records. It incorporates attendance records and other human resource related information to give you complete analysis and control of your personnel records. ISL Payroll is a friendly, easy-to-use Windows program.

Here are a few key features of ISL Payroll:

  • Automatic National Insurance Calculations
  • Multiple Pay Cycles, Pay Types & Salary Types
  • Employee Leave Tracking, Employee Loans
  • Vacation advances, General Ledger Summary
  • Fully Customizable, Supported Locally

Important Updates & Services!

Getting to know ISL Payroll!


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