ISL Single Window Management (SWiM)

ISL SWiM is the fastest and most accurate way to complete entries in the new Single Window system or Click2Clear. ISL SWiM will import electronic invoices, produce entries in seconds, and supply prorated item costs by way of VIEWS that can be imported into in your ERP or accounting system.

ISL SWiM was designed based on an in-depth understanding of the customs clearance process as a whole. ISL SWiM will eliminate the need to manually key information into ECAS or Single Window. ISL SWiM will shrink days of manual data manipulation into minutes of accurate information!

ISL SWiM features include:

  • A searchable, up-to-date Tariff Index for mapping imported items easily into corresponding tariff codes

  • Expandable Items - Tariff Mapping tables with thousands of imported items already mapped to the correct tariff codes

  • Most efficient and accurate proration logic built-in to expedite the calculation of customs duties and other related charges.

  • Prediction of item duty charges within minutes of manifest and customer invoice information being inputted/imported into ISL SWiM.

  • Customized Service invoice templates for brokerage services offered. We can replicate your customer invoice and produce it as soon as you supply the manifest details and customer invoice information to ISL SWiM.

Learn More About ISL SWiM & Clear Your Shipments Faster & More Accurately!

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