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At Information Specialists Limited, we want to ensure that our valued customers are provided with all of the knowledge and tools necessary to meet the multi-faceted needs of a growing business. Review our FAQs to walk you through some of the questions frequently asked by our clients.

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Yes. ISL Payroll can send electronic pay statements that can be emailed to any employee at your convenience.

Your company’s registered name, TIN number, NIB number, NIB liaison personnel, list of payroll account managers, list of commercial banks utilized, a list of leave entitlements, etc.

Yes, we integrate with a variety of time clocks including Time-in-a-Box, Jantek, and Fingercheck. We also provide personally customized time-clock integrations.

Yes. ISL Payroll integrates with many packages including ACCPAC and Quickbooks. Additional integrations can also be personally customized.

During the year end process:
1) Unused leave entitlements can be rolled-over to the next calendar year.
2) Year-to-date values are zeroed out.
3) Your fiscal date is reset.
4) The auto-log is cleared out.

As a contingency plan, ISL recommends backing up your database just before processing your payroll (closing your pay cycle). This can avoid losing critical information and is also important for account auditing purposes.
In addition, it is advised to have multiple data backups.

Industry standards recommend a seven (7) year period, but this decision is based on the individual needs of the company.

Yes. ISL Payroll works with PDF printers, which is beneficial for disseminating period-end reports.

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