What is ISL Payroll Processing?

ISL Payroll processing services are an extension of the ISL Payroll® brand which has been the brand of choice in the Bahamas for almost 30 years. We offer an alternative for companies opting not to bear the burden of maintaining the tools, personnel and other resources for processing payroll internally. Outsourcing payroll saves time, money and provides professional expertise. From small to midsize businesses, ISL Bahamas can offer a variety of affordable weekly, bi-weekly, semimonthly and monthly plans.
Our knowledgeable professionals understand the overwhelming intricacies relating to payroll. We can accommodate both local and international companies paying Bahamian or expatriate personnel. From capturing time and collecting wage information, to the accurate calculation of payroll; from paying employees, to reporting and compliance; from data privacy and protection, to data storage and retrieval; ISL Bahamas is able to handle it all.

What’s included?
  • Accurate Payroll calculations
  • Generation/emailing of pay slips
  • Direct deposit into employees’ accounts
  • Timely payroll reports
  • Timely management of reports
  • Historical Reports
  • National Insurance reporting & submission

Benefits to You!
  • Time saved processing payroll
  • Reduction of cost to purchase and maintain payroll software
  • Reduction of cost to maintain payroll hardware & equipment
  • Reduction of cost to invest in personnel training for payroll

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